Protein Shakes, Powders and Bars in Burundi

Box packing – 12Pcs per box The ideal on-the-go, high protein bar. USN Trust Crunch Bars are a high protein, deliciously indulgent snack! Free from palm oil, and with only 2.3 grams of sugar per bar, Crunch Bars have quickly become the popular alternative to cure those sweet cravings! Choose...
Brand: USN
BrandUSN ConditionNew
Brand: Applied Nutrition
Brand: Rule 1
Brand: EVL
Brand: Olimp
Mix one scoop 1 - 2 times daily with 6-10 ounces of your favorite flavored beverage or recipe. The most popular choices are coffee, smoothies, juices, tea, and foods such as yogurt or oatmeal. For best mixing results, shake the container to mix contents prior to use. For maximum enjoyment, it...
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