Mixology Kits in Burundi

Where to buy Mixology Kits in Burundi

Product Features: Double spirit measure 30ml and 60ml measures in one Brushed stainless steel finish Ideal for measuring cocktail ingredients Measure exact shots for Whisky, Gin, Vodka etc 
Organize your bartending tools properly, save space and keep the kitchen clean. Improve your skills with a professional cocktail kit to create the delicious cocktails you want. The kit includes a 350ml cocktail shaker, a strainer to separate fruits/ice from liquids plus a jigger to measure...
You have spent time preparing, mixing, and shaking your ingredients to cocktail perfection, and then it's time to serve up your creation. Pouring it should be the simple part. Save your guests from choking on an unexpected ice cube or lump of fruit using this  Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer...
The Mexican Elbow Citrus Juicer offers powerful lemon & lime squeezing power. With a built in strainer design, this hand citrus squeezer catches any unwanted bits. The simple c-press juicer style prevents finger pinching and allows you squeeze out as much juice as possible.
Product Features: • Ice Tongs • Material: Stainless Steel • Ideal for modern table settings • Perfect for clubs, pubs and restaurants • Suitable for commercial use
Made from stainless steel these bar spoons are perfect for stirring cocktails. With a twisted spine to help layer drinks, these spoons are perfect for professional use. Product Features: • Classic cocktail mixing spoon • Long twisted stem handle • Easily identified with its red knob...
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